What CommunalEvents can do for you



CommunalEvents is a cloud platform that powers event, venue and host listings on your website and mobile app. Your users can search, view, book, review and request. Your web app can have any design layout.

By offering event workflow features, CommunalEvents specialises in supporting events that are more complicated than just buying a ticket. For example, events where a minimum booking number must be reached or where booking confirmation is required.



Start-ups – we love start-ups. If you’re planning to disrupt an industry by providing a service that shares events, then it is likely that you will choose CommunalEvents to manage and list the events that your customers organise. If you’re planning to be the Uber of holidays or the Airbnb of theatre, then CommunalEvents can provide the platform to list your events.

Small/Medium businesses – CommunalEvents provides enormous benefit to smaller businesses as it has plans tailored to you – modest but quickly extendable. You may not have an enormous technical capability, so you’ll benefit from our support.

Large businesses – perhaps you have some interesting business or technical requirements that we haven’t quite catered for yet. Perhaps you want more control. Let’s talk because we’re flexible and love playing with the bigger kids.



  • You can sell event listings to your customers - revenue
  • You can receive commission for event bookings - revenue
  • Cross-sell additional services to venues, organisers and hosts - revenue
  • You can provide advanced event features that can be used to implement new and disruptive ideas – customer growth & publicity
  • Your customers can manage their own events, so you avoid this overhead – cost saving
  • Reduce risk and save time and money by utilising a proven service rather than building from scratch – cost saving
  • CommunalEvents adapts to your requirements – 100% flexible page layouts, data customisations, email content etc – branding and control
  • Events can be published to many channels, including your website, your customers’ websites and mobile apps – customer growth
  • Publish your data natively on your website to reap SEO benefits – customer growth
  • Generate revenue from bookings or listings using a model that works for you and your customers – avoid changes to business processes
  • Can be used by a mobile app and multiple websites – extendable




  • Event listings – list your events. List your customers’ events. List them across several channels, including mobile.
  • Search – for events, venues or people.
  • Automated event workflow - cancel/proceed depending on booking numbers
  • Event bookings – may be tentative or firm
  • Event reviews – review Events, Venues and the Host and upload media
  • Event request – then accept, reject or offer an alternative
  • Promote Hosts - list and search people who host or headline events, includes profile-management
  • Promote events that need a host/headline
  • Venues listings – and Venue Managers who can manage their listing and events
  • Promote locations in which events can be hosted
  • Promote events that need a location
  • Users – includes social media integration, roles and blacklisting
  • Tags – values can be applied to events, venues, users and even reviews e.g. a list of event themes or types of venue
  • Media – images and video for events, venues, users and reviews
  • Links – add links to events, venues, users and reviews
  • Your customers – venues or people may subscribe to your website or you may generate revenue from bookings
  • Emails – highly customisable email notifications
  • Integration – utilise other data sources such as Google Places
  • Social – integrate social login and sharing


  • Anything you can book – a class, a singles holiday, a show, a gig hosted at your home, a shared table at a restaurant etc.
  • Events that you can review/rate – a concert, a nightclub party etc.
  • Events with some workflow – only proceed if enough bookings are taken, request an event and respond to the request, register your interest etc.
  • Uber, Airbnb and many others disrupt markets by taking your asset (car, house, venue etc) and putting it to financial use. CommunalEvents supports this paradigm by being the platform that will underpin booking these assets (trip in a car, holiday in a house, desk in an office, register to shoot a movie on your property).
  • Use any communal space – restaurants/bars, cinemas/theatres, gyms/sports venues, or even online ‘spaces’
  • CommunalEvents supports more than just events, venues and attendees. For example you may have celebrity hosts that you wish to review or sponsors that can request events or promoters who organise events. Attendees could even be pets!